What We Do


Financing is the lifeblood of real estate development, and at Hillside Investments, you will find a sophisticated and innovative real estate partner who understands the complex capital structures available in the marketplace today.

Hillside Investments offers a variety of investment vehicles and strategies that cater to a diverse group of capital partners and investors. Our emphasis on investment cash flow is realized by precise management of operational expenses, lease terms, and the strategic use of debt. We strive to produce attractive, realistic, risk-adjusted returns in real estate using our vertically integrated business model. The close collaboration between the investment, construction, development, and management professionals within Hillside-Investments is the key to our ability for providing excellent services to our tenants and exceptional value to our clients and partners.

Investment Services

  • Tax Planning & Strategy
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Banking Relationships & Financing
  • Capital Structuring