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Hillside Investments is a full-service real estate company, specializing in acquiring and developing strong value add investments. We create tax sheltered returns while realizing our assets' maximum valuation before ultimate disposition. Our emphasis on cash flow is realized by precise management of operational expenses, lease terms, and the strategic use of debt. 


Hillside achieves risk-adjusted returns by investing in properties where the value is temporarily impaired.  Our experts reposition the assets by addressing impairments, enabling us to attract sophisticated users and improve lease rates, resulting in stronger cash flows. 

It is our mission at Hillside Investments to provide our clients with risk-adjusted returns that exceeds expectations while maintaining transparency and accountability.


Hillside-Investments is a full-service, premier real estate investment company forged from the successors of Dembs Roth and the Osprey Companies. Throughout our history, we have acquired more than one billion dollars worth of commercial real estate assets across sixteen states with a total footprint that exceeds twenty million square feet. At Hillside Investments, we carefully target appropriate product type, unit mix, and architectural design acquiring properties of the highest quality meeting our customer demands. Our success is rooted in our ability to review underwriting variables while continually refining the investment model. Reputation is at the core of our values, and Hillside-Investments prides itself on its flawless and respected reputation.  

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Hillside-Investment’s seasoned professionals understand and act as  first-tier service providers offering the highest quality occupancy services and environments.  Our drive is fueled by our short and long term goals, success, and client satisfaction. Financing is the lifeblood of real estate development, and at Hillside-Investments, you will find a sophisticated and innovative real estate partner who understands the increasingly complex capital structures. We generate the institutional quality accounting and financial reporting that today’s investor demands. Hillside-Investments offers a variety of investment vehicles and strategies catering to a diverse group of capital partners and investors. We strive to produce attractive, risk-adjusted returns through investment opportunities with a vertically integrated business model.

Hillside-Investment’s perspective is complemented by deep, local knowledge that influences economies of scale, best practices and best-in-class people to source, analyze and then embrace investment opportunities, across a vast geographical range. Our professionals leverage extensive industry relationships and work closely with our large pool of existing clients, partners, and local leaders acquiring real-time market intelligence. Our goal is to maximize investment returns for our owners during the hold period by ensuring an appropriate capitalization structure while focusing on optimal property performance. The close collaboration between the investment, asset management and operating professionals within Hillside-Investments is the key to our ability for providing excellent services to our tenants and exceptional value to our clients and partners.

The Hillside-Investment team represents three generations of professional experience in commercial real estate. Our company’s cohesiveness, backed by our cumulative years of experience and knowledge, provides us with the necessary disciplines for integration resulting in unmarked success. With extensive internal resources and a commitment to excellence, Hillside-Investments has an unparalleled ability to capitalize on investment opportunities. Complete transparency, dedication, and professionalism in our investments are guaranteed to maximize our investors’ real estate experiences.

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